Application / Version history

Version 1.26.0
- 05.06.2024
Improved tracking of flights
A map and gps status view have been introduced for flight recording.

Version 1.25.0
- 10.11.2023
Night and IFR flight times
When recording flights night flight times will be detected automatically. Furthermore, recordings can be tagged as IFR before saving.
Comment FI signature
When signing a flight the instructor can now leave a comment as well.
Hobbs value Vereinsflieger
When recording a flight the last hobbs value from Vereinsflieger will be requested.

Version 1.24.0
- 01.07.2023
Vereinsflieger import
Flights from Vereinsflieger or FlightcenterPlus can be imported using the app.
Improved tracking
We improved the automatic recognition of block times, departure and arrival airports.
Furthermore, it is now possible to save flights with intermediate landings as seperate entries.

Version 1.23.0
- 25.10.2022
Categorize flights
Flights can be categorized and filtered by personally created labels.

Version 1.22.0
- 04.09.2022
Hobbs start
The hobbs value at the beginning of a flight can now be entered seperately.

Version 1.21.0
- 08.02.2022
More options after tracking of flights
After recording a flight the resulting segments can now be edited easily.

Version 1.20.0
- 09.12.2021
Acquisition of night & instrument flight ratings
Night and instrument flight times can be entered before obtaining the corresponding rating. For this purpose set the rating to "trainee" in the respective license.
Transfer of flights to Vereinsflieger
Recorded flights do not result in duplicate entries into Vereinsflieger. The existing flight will only completed by the recorded data.

Version 1.19.1
- 27.09.2021
Hotfix: flight log entries
Switching to a different airport after performing a touch-and-go results in two separate flight log entries.

Version 1.19.0
- 21.09.2021
Additional information on license dates
The license dates on the dashboard are now more detailed.
Import of flights
GPX- and KML-files can be opened with the app to import the contained files into your flight log.

Version 1.18.1
- 29.06.2021
Class rating renewal
The criteria for renewal of class ratings for SEP and TMG can now be viewed on the dashboard.

Version 1.18.0
- 03.06.2021
Inflight checklists
The checklists feature can now be used during flight tracking.
The respective configuration of visibility has been added on the website.

Version 1.17.1
- 01.05.2021
A bug which prevented the app from starting while being offline has been fixed.

Version 1.17.0
- 11.04.2021
Statistics created on our website can be viewed in the app and added to the overview.

Version 1.16.0
- 18.03.2021
Reworked license management
The license forms have been restructured to improve usability.
Support for flight simulators
Simulators can be created via the aircraft list. Simulator sessions are entered as flights and will appear in the respective flight log.

Version 1.15.1
- 02.03.2021
Bugfix for Android devices
Recording of flights was not working on some devices.

Version 1.15.0
- 21.02.2021
Transfer of flights to Vereinsflieger
After tracking a flight it is possible to transfer the resulting flights to Vereinsflieger if the accounts are linked.

Version 1.14.0
- 30.01.2021
Instructor ratings
Flight instructors are able to add instructor ratings to their licenses.
Flight log overview and configuration
From now on it is possible to configure flight logs in the app.
Furthermore we implemented a flight log overview and a list of total times, takeoffs and landings.

Version 1.13.0
- 03.01.2021
The receipt of push notifications can be configured in the profile section. Received notifications are saved in the app.
Data share
Flight logs can be shared via QR-Code or link to be viewed by third parties.

Version 1.12.0
- 09.12.2020
Collective entries
Flight and block times can be manipulated directly to record multiple flights as a single entry.
Night qualification
The night qualification is available in the respective licenses. Flight times during night can be recorded in the flightlog.
Configurable dashboard
The order of the modules on the dashboard can now be changed.

Version 1.11.0
- 13.10.2020
Improved QR-code
All users can now use the same QR-code to quickly access flight tracking.
Intermediate TO/LDG times
All intermediate times are now being recorded for flights with multiple takeoffs and landings.
Inactive aircraft
In order to reduce clutter, aircraft that are no longer in use can now be marked as inactive. As a result, these are no longer available for selection when creating a new flight.
Maintenance tasks with corresponding intervals can be maintained via the website. The due dates will be displayed in the app in the overview and before the flight tracking.

Version 1.10.2 (iOS)
- 17.09.2020
Bugfix: map view of flight trackings
We fixed an issue with flight tracks being displayed incorrectly on the map on iOS 14.

Version 1.10.1
- 14.09.2020
Improved user interface
To improve usability and performance we made a few minor changes in some areas.
The history of changes made in previous updates can now be viewed from the dashboard.

Version 1.10.0
- 01.09.2020
Signature of the flight instructor
The conduct of a flight can be confirmed by the flight instructor.
History of changes for flights
All changes of flights will be logged and are available in the "history" tab.

Version 1.9.0
- 18.08.2020
Detection of block times
After tracking offblock and onblock are now detected automatically for each segment.
Let us know if you experience any problems with this feature.
Add friends
Connect with your fellow pilots and share aircraft and checklists.

Version 1.8.0
- 21.07.2020
Multiple checklists / aircraft
It is now possible to assign multiple checklists to each aircraft. If there is more than one you have to choose a checklist before using it.
Feedback after tracking
After your first trackings you can now immediately provide us with feedback. It is still possible to send us requests via the contact form.

Version 1.7.0
- 07.07.2020
Improved tracking
Automatically detects "touch-and-gos" and intermediate landings.
After tracking the result is being split into separate flights.

Version 1.6.0
- 18.06.2020
Invite friends
Invite your friends and get two months B4Takeoff-Premium for free!
Improved flightlog
The flightlog has been reworked and now displays additional information.